About Our Team

Joseph Baldino

D.C., MSc., CSCS

  • BS Molecular Biology
  • BS Biology
  • BS Human Biology
  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • 800+ hours post graduate study in clinical and rehabilitative Neurology
  • Concussion / TBI training: Carrick Institute
  • Founder of Integrative Neurology & Athletic Performance Clinic, LLC
  • Professor, Anatomy & Physiology
  • Advisory Board Member, International Association of Functional Neurology & Rehabilitation (IAFNR)
  • Fellow, IAFNR
  • Department of Veteran Affairs, Independent contractor
  • Phantom limb rehabilitation, vertigo, movement disorders, stroke rehab, brain injury
  • Department of Defense, Independent contractor
  • Human performance enhancement
  • Military Specification Medical Consultant
  • Battle comp, MilSpecMonkey, Daniel Defense, MilSpec Armory; various

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